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Are you looking for statues, busts and reliefs in the garden or into your interior? In our offer you can find statues into a flat or garden, statues made from stone, wooden, cast, plaster statues and other. Or you can extend our offer with statues which you would like to sell. Purchase and sale with the support of our website is preferable because we claim no sales commission so we don't increase sale prices. Statues, busts and reliefs are exposed on our website by different stores or individuals from throughout the Czech Republic.

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Sculpture - bronze - 2007

Sculpture - bronze - 2007



385,- €


Corpus Christ on the Cross - Crucifix hanging

Corpus Christ on the Cross - Crucifix hanging

Wood, polychromy, carving. The body of Christ nailed by three nails to a...

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142,- €


Bust - 1920

Bust - 1920



1 346,- €


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